11 March 2021 webinar: Questions & Answers

1. Under Pronto Xi, I believe you can only have one designated carrier per customer. If you wanted a different carrier for different ship to addresses under one customer. Can TIG handle this. 
The integration allows you to either, (1) map carriers as you would now, (2) use least cost-routing or (3) allow the warehouse to select the carrier & service at despatch time. 
2. Does it generate an exception report from cost to invoice? 
Yes, as the data will be in Pronto Xi, it would be available to report on.  There is no delivered 'Exception report' currently but this could be generated based on customer requirements. 
3. Can Dangerous Goods paperwork for road and air be generated? 
Yes, there is a process to manage this which TIG Freight can assist with. 
4. How do you manage the compliance of the transport partners TIG engage with? 
The carriers manage their own compliance, we manage the compliance of paperwork, labels & data that is being transmitted to them. 
5. We charge our customers up front on Shopify for their freight. Can you link to Shopify? 
Yes, we can provide real-time shipping quotes at checkout stage in a variety of e-commerce platforms including Shopify. 
6. Can you explain in more detail what information you can push in from Shopify or similar? Can you capture if customer is residential or commercial? 
This would be in the connection between Pronto Xi & Shopify.  This is managed by the Pronto Woven teamseparately to the core integration.  If a residential / commercial status is captured by Shopify it could be passed to Pronto Xi. 
7. Is this also available for our customers in the US? 
Technically this is supported by TIG with US carriers on the H2 2021 roadmap. Pronto Xi integration may require some tweaks depending on client requirements.  Considerations will need to include how relevant tax components are calculated before a user applies this, i.e.: fuel levies, state-based taxes etc. 
8. Does this work with Pronto Xi 730? 
This is in core from Pronto Xi 760 but can be packaged and applied to Pronto Xi 740 & 750 in core. Previous versions can be implemented as flat file customisation. TIG can provide more details about how customers have achieved this. 

9. Are there current customers on the platform consigning multiple orders into 1 packing carton? How does this work? 

Does it do consolidation of SOs? ie, there is more than 1 SO to the same customer. 

There are ways to do this via a business process and using the system.  Consolidations are a complicated area and would need to be worked through on a case-by-case basis with each customer.  Currently consolidations are handled as a customisation due the different ways clients require this. 
10. What customers do you have that ship extensive range of Dangerous Goods?
What customers do you have that ship extensive range of Dangerous Goods? TIG have a number of customers shipping a large variation of DG freight. Our platform is compliant with all the carriers we utilise (over 100).
11. How does the system manage segregation without excessively generating consignment notes? It's up to the customer to segregate any DG as required by the DG code / requirements.
It's up to the customer to segregate any DG as required by the DG code / requirements. 
12. Can you clarify what you mean by “activation licence”, how does it work?  
It’s a free license provided by Pronto Software as part of the TIG activation process. 
13. What about address data? How do we deal with that? 
The integration has built in tooling to handle this. It's will validate your customer address / shipping address data and can export a report with ones that need fixing up. 
14. What about EDI? E.g. Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings? 
Pronto Xi can handle the EDI and TIG can print the required shipping labels when the carrier requires it. 
15. Is this just for carton freight? 
TIG & the integration supports any type of freight - regardless of if it's a carton, satchel, pallet, skid or something else. 
16. Can we use the Pronto Xi SSCC labels for shipping? 
Through the integration we provide fully compliant and up-to-date carrier labels with the correct routing codes, barcodes, etc. It's best to use these labels for shipping. 
17. Can I get the shipping cost written back on the sales order? 
Yes, freight can be charged on a Sales Order (SO). 
18. Can I get tracking & PODs in Pronto Xi? 
This is done via TIG, not Pronto Xi.  The integration TIG has with Pronto Xi is continuing to improve and this is something on the horizon, but for now tracking/PODs is via TIG's portal, OpenFreight 
19. What's involved in freight review process? 
Step 1: TIG will meet with you to understand your requirements. Step 2: TIG will analyse the freight data provided by you.  
Step 3: TIG will present you a number of solutions for you to consider. This is usually a two to four-week process.  
20. Do you have APIs that we can use for the manifesting if we want to automate?  
Yes, absolutely. TIG can provide several options and will be able to discuss what suits your business best. 

21. Have you made provisions for Salespeople deciding on: 

  1. Selection of Destination from Multiple Delivery addresses. 
  2. The Carrier to use  
  3. Who to charge?   
  4. All at SO conclusion? 
No, only at despatch currently. Request 1&2 can be picked at the header level.  3 can be defined at the line level entry. 
22. With data back, can you write back costs but sell at zero. Effectively Free freight, showing overall profit on sales order? 
You just wouldn’t charge for freight and you would see the freight cost elsewhere in the P&L. 
23. Do you offer trial periods so that we can play with it before signing any contracts? 
No, but this is a ‘no lock-in contract’ so you can cancel anytime if needed. 
24. I presume that TIG will hold true to Pronto Xi CORE upgrades. Do you envisage any particular issues when Upgrading versions? 
Correct.  There are no issues anticipated. 
25. Can we instigate a return connote for fright from a customer back to us? 
Yes, via TIG's portal, OpenFreight. 
This is on the Pronto Xi roadmap to look at being able to manifest a return order for other purposes.  This could enable the user to define it to TIG as well.
26. Do you accommodate on-forwarding? Ie:- Multiple legs with different carriers? 
Onforwarding is normally handled by the carriers direct. If you have a complex shipment that requires something like this then we can have a chat to get some more details to better understand why but in essence we can do this. Not via the integration method though. 
27. If our current carrier is not part of your network can they be added to compete also?  
TIG supports the majority of carriers across Australia & New Zealand - and we have not found a carrier we could not integrate with.  
28. Are rates caped per 12 months or when are increases advisedHow do you manage the annual increases from carriers?  
Yes, if we are managing your freight then we can lock in rates for 12+ months and we negotiate the annual increase with the carriers directly and inform customers once this is done. 
29. Do you limit carriers’ ability to subcontract shipments - this is a concern for my business re constant off loading and additional handling of product before being delivered? 
For all regional deliveries there is an agent generally handling the freight. The more remote the destination the further the network it may travel through. However, if TIG were managing your freight and this was a large concern, we would work with you to ensure we have carriers setup where possible with the minimal number of hand-offs. 
30. Has the solution been developed to work with other brokers? 
No, this integration is exclusive to TIG 
31. Does it use API? 
Yes, the integration communicated with our API directly in real-time. No flat files or other clunky methods. 
32. We use SmartFreight atm, so what's the difference aside from the interfacing... 
There a number of enhancements our platform could provide, please get in touch with us for further details. 
33. Labels? is this provided as per the solution of we buy std labels? 
If we manage your freight, then we provide you industry standard 6x4 labels. If we do not, then you will need to use standard 6x4 or similar labels (as this is what we print to, longer labels are ok). We can also source labels for you at good rate if you need assistance with supply. 
34. Any clients for ref. for us to chat to? 
Absolutely, please contact us to discuss further. 
35. Is manifesting done via TIG? we have 2-3 pickups a day - so how does manifest work? 
Yes, manifesting is done in the TIG portal. Multiple pickups, pickup times and multiple carriers are fully supported in this process. Please get in touch with us for further details. 
36. Can you merge code into Pronto Xi 720? 
Pronto Xi 740 in core, previous versions as flat file customisation 
37. If TOLL gets hacked again, is there a quick flag to turn off the carrier so we do not ship via toll and go to next cheapest carrier 
Yes, absolutely. It's a simple check box for TIG to instantaneous turn off one carrier if an event such as this occurs. Further, we can look at alternative carriers if it's a prolonged issue. 
38. How to you handle internal drivers if a company has some of its own? 
There's a couple of options here, whether we set this up in the system to rate and it’s a simple paper POD / delivery process or, we integrate with a number of platforms that provide this service that would also connect to ours for a seamless experience.  
39. Is there any expected staff head count savings with this integration e.g. one per branch or expect time savings? 
This varies due to the number of variables, but existing clients of ours have reported between 1-4 staff. 
40. How do labels print out? Can you print out the labels on the warehouse floor at the closest label printer, just like you can with the SSCC labels? 
Labels are automatically printed direct to thermal (Zebra compliant) printers. This can be configured at a user terminal level. 
41. Do you offer trial periods so that we can play with it before signing any contracts? 
No, but this is a ‘no lock-in contract’ so you can cancel anytime if needed.