11 May 2022 webinar: Questions & Answers

1. Do you need to print a paper picking slip for dispatch to record final packed weights or can this be done digitally?
You can do this via the Scanpack despatch module and will then be in the volume details in the sales order at conclusion.
2. Do you cover transportation of dangerous goods / chemicals?
Yes, TIG have a number of transport partners that provide services that support various transportation of DG.
3. Just to confirm you do not get involved with Freight Forwarding & Overseas containers etc.. 
Correct, TIG is not currently involved with this but is considering as a future roadmap item.
4. do you cater for pre-allocated SSCC label?
Pronto Software are looking at this as part of our roadmap. This is a feature enhancement Pronto Software is looking into.
Currently support for SSCC labels within the warehouse exists, however SSCC barcodes on shipping labels are not. This could be achieved via a customisation if required immediately.
5. What software are you using to print consignment labels?
No software is required, printing is done from Pronto Software directly using the API generated labels from TIG.
6. Can you consolidate consignments together? 
Yes, consignment level consolidation can be enabled and is supported.
7. Suitability for companies based in regional areas?
Yes, it does not matter where you are located we have carriers nationally.
8. Where is the cloud platform managed? here in oz or overseas
100% in Australia. TIG are hosted on AWS cloud and is located locally in Australia.

9. What kind of testing is being done on the Pronto Software side? Are you using live customers to test this? We have had a bad experience with a Pronto Partner software recently on the Pronto side

TIG has a number of live Pronto Software customers including case studies as references. Pronto testing depends on customer requirements but the solution has been tested thoroughly end to end.
10. Regarding DG cargo, what about 1.4s and 1.4g explosives?
As you are aware, carrier options are limited for this type of freight but we're happy to discuss this further with your specific requirements.
11.We have a number of customers that prefer to use their own carriers, is this possible/does the system have flexibility to allow this?
TIG can handle clients bringing their own carriers.
Currently within Pronto Software we do not allow client customers to select who their carrier is. This would be a customisation.
Pronto Software are considering this as a future roadmap item.

12. You mentioned you can add the MHF in after to get a true cost, does TIG calculate MHF in the initial quotes based on weights and dimensions?

All surcharges are calculated upon consignment creation (and therefor despatch). As long as you declare everything correctly then the cost displayed will be inclusive of these known surcharges.
13. Does this works for inbound freight?
For domestic inbound freight from suppliers, etc then yes TIG can assist & support this. The integration is designed around despatch and hence outbound freight.
14.If we have a DTC setup in future and for eg. we have shopify based website cart based system, can we charge actual freight cost to customers at checkout rather than flat rate fees?
Yes, we support real-time checkout rates (with rules) in a number of e-commerce platforms including Shopify & Magento. This can be tied into the outbound despatch integration with Pronto.
15. How far is international freight as part of TIG? We use DHL, UPS and Fedex and would like to add those services with openfreight
TIG handle small parcel international export freight.
The TIG Pronto solution however deals with domestic freight currently, but this is considering as a future roadmap item.
16. Does this software have APIs which can be connected to an ecommerce website? 
Yes, we have APIs to support this but also support real-time checkout rates (with rules) in a number of e-commerce platforms including Shopify & Magento.
17. Can we trial the functionality without a full rollout?
Unfortunately not. However we can provide a demo on the system and work with you to fully scope your requirements.
18. Can we integrate stores which manage their own deliveries with their own drivers?
We can provide label printing for your own vehicles / driver runs and this can be integrated into our platform to seamlessly work with Pronto Software. A store would be created as a mini warehouse for dispatch and created like any other delivery.