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11 MAY 2022 webinar:
Freight optimisation

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Answers to questions raised at the webinar

Do you need to print a paper picking slip for dispatch to record final packed weights or can this be done digitally ?
You can do this via the Scanpack despatch module and will then be in the volume details in the sales order at conclusion.
Do you cover transportation of dangerous goods / chemicals?
Yes, TIG have a number of transport partners that provide services that support various transportation of DG.
Just to confirm you do not get involved with Freight Forwarding & Overseas containers etc..
Correct, TIG is not currently involved with this but is considering as a future roadmap item.
Do you cater for pre-allocated SSCC label?
Pronto Software are looking at this as part of our roadmap. This is a feature enhancement Pronto Software is looking into.
Currently support for SSCC labels within the warehouse exists, however SSCC barcodes on shipping labels are not. This could be achieved via a customisation if required immediately.
What software are you using to print consignment label?
No software is required, printing is done from Pronto Software directly using the API generated labels from TIG.
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