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11 March 2021 webinar:
Freight optimisation

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Answers to questions raised at the webinar

Can I get the shipping cost written back on the sales order?
Yes, freight can be charged on a Sales Order (SO).
If our current carrier is not part of your network can they be added to compete also?
TIG supports the majority of carriers across Australia & New Zealand - and we have not found a carrier we could not integrate with.
If TOLL gets hacked again, is there a quick flag to turn off the carrier so we do not ship via toll and go to next cheapest carrier
Yes, absolutely. It's a simple check box for TIG to instantaneous turn off one carrier if an event such as this occurs. Further, we can look at alternative carriers if it's a prolonged issue.
How do labels print out? Can you print out the labels on the warehouse floor at the closest label printer, just like you can with the SSCC labels?
Labels are automatically printed direct to thermal (Zebra compliant) printers. This can be configured at a user terminal level.
Do you have APIs that we can use for the manifesting if we want to automate?
Yes, absolutely. TIG can provide several options and will be able to discuss what suits your business best.
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